Revisiting the final touches

It’s submitted! As of this morning’s last-minute overview and discussion, we’ve completed the Farmer Educational Legacy site. In terms of my end of the finishing touches, I’ll look back on what my last contributions to the website were over the weekend:

  • I wrote part of our Acknowledgements section, which was a collaboration between our group members in deciding
  • I transcribed the scans of Dr. Farmer’s , and in the process a) was wowed by the difficulty of imagining writing exam questions about yourself and people you knew, and b) discovered he was
  • I suggested some clips from the lectures for Eilise to use in the highlights video she made (at this point I have the lectures more-or-less memorized)
  • I finally sorted out Lecture 038 by splitting it in half, though I’m not sure I’m happy with my solution in hindsight; when we revise our website, depending on whether captions on the website/consistency or having the lecture in one piece is more important, I might just change it to an embedded YouTube video.
  • And finally, I made one of our three exhibits, the Years at UMW Timeline. The goal of this exhibit was to a) build a general narrative of some of Farmer’s impacts at UMW, while b) try to make it as multifaceted as possible, using it to plug the variety of Collections we’ve built up around Farmer’s legacy at UMW. The idea was to use Items to tell a story, and to link back to these Items in the hope that visitors will browse Collections as a result.

Anyway, I’m excited to improve on our website and to present it! These last weeks of working on it have taken on a new fast pace, but I think they’ve been some of my favorite moments of working on this project. Much appreciation for all of my group members, and for all of the other groups, whose work I’m excited to hear about.

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