Final progress report

Bit by bit, the individual ends of our projects are winding to a close. Though I still need to figure out an upload strategy for the last lecture (I’m probably going to talk to the DKC this week, and if all else fails, split the lecture in half), I’ve got transcriptions and descriptions formatted for all the lectures, and I’ve input their metadata on our Omeka site. I’ve detailed the process of the final phases of captioning in my two previous posts.

Aside from working on our own individual ends of these projects, we’re helping each other where possible. This week, every member of our group is helping Megan input metadata for the Bullet articles she’s collected. Aside from that, it’s a question of finishing up our websites and looking into what kind of forward-facing exhibit we can build. We’re also finishing up other aspects of our site, such as biographies and acknowledgements pages.

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