Farmer update: Week Four

Our group finished the initial draft of our contract on Thursday, and it’ll be interesting to see how we’ll come to revise it in the week to come. We’ve settled on three major areas of focus: captioning yet-unpublicized Farmer video materials, digitizing the awards and honors of his stored on the UMW campus, and creating oral histories from his former students.

Going into the future, we’re going to have to focus a lot on creating ways to create narratives out of these materials and provide entryways into the material.

Personally, I’ve started working on captioning one of Farmer’s currently uncaptioned lectures, and it’s a fascinating process. The process begins with privately uploading the lecture to Youtube and receiving its automatic captions, then with correcting the captions, downloading this file, and adding it in in Premier Pro. These are less high-quality than the Reflections lectures, so the correction is taking more time than it would have with them. This makes captioning them even more important, and it’s really exciting for our group to be the entryway through which these particular materials become available to the public.

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