A James Farmer project video

Five thoughts on the experience of making this video.

  1. I can’t blame myself too much, because admittedly I did assemble this over the course of two days, but videos, even casual ones, take a lot more planning than I gave them credit for. In this case, for instance, I should have matched location and discussion theme from the start, because this ended up as ‘why is she meandering around the UMW campus for no reason?’
  2. With that said, I am glad I chose to film the campus rather than just talking into a camera.
  3. If I ever make another video about anything, I need to figure out a way to sound natural when I’m recording. I have no issues about public speaking, but I tend to need scripts for anything that’s getting recorded, and reading from a script kills my ability to sound natural.

I don’t know to which degree our group will use video in the future, but if we do, I’m excited to work with my group to promote our project through that lens.

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